IFMSA Bangladesh is led by an Executive Board which consists of

      • President
      • Secretary General
      • Vice President Internal Affairs
      • Vice President External Affairs
      • Vice President Members
      • Vice President Communication
      • Vice President Public Relations
      • Vice President Capacity Building

Under the leadership of our Executive Board our activities are conducted through Six Standing Committees  Six Support Divisions. The Standing Committees are led by National Officers/National Officer Assistants and Support Divisions are led by Director/Co-Directors. Together they are called Team of Officials.

  • SCOME ( Standing Committee on Medical Education )
  • SCORP ( Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace )
  • SCORE ( Standing Committee on Research Exchange )
  • SCOPE ( Standing Committee on Professional Exchange )
  • SCOPH ( Standing Committee on Public Health )
  • SCORA ( Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS )
  • Training Support Division
  • Membership Support Division
  • Social Media Support Division
  • Fundraising & Logistics Support Division
  • Public Relations Support Division
  • Design & Publications Support Division

In each Medical College IFMSA Bangladesh is represented by a Local Committee which is led by Local Committee Coordinator (LCC)/Local Committee Assistant Coordinators(LCAC). Each local committee can have Local Officers under above mentioned Standing Committees & Support Divisions. Together they are called Local Committee Officials.

Figure: IFMSA Bangladesh Organogram

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All rights reserverd by IFMSA Bangladesh
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